Liverpool in London Case Study

Steve McGauley, Executive Creative Director at Liquid creative agency shares his success using our Liverpool in London office:

Liquid started back in 2000 as a London based design agency. Since then, we’ve massively evolved and now offer a wide range of design, digital and communications services, with creativity at the heart. However, back at the beginning, we were a relatively small operation, working out of Shepherds Bush but servicing some recognisable brand names, including Radley, Ben Sherman and Staples.

We spent four years in London, expanding our expertise, building our client relationships and becoming a ‘go to’ for creative design work. It worked brilliantly and we were doing really well, but the cost of living just continued to creep up.

As a Northerner, I felt I’d get a better quality of life if I returned closer to home. My then business partner and I considered a whole range of locations, including Manchester and Leeds, but we both felt Liverpool was were we could make the biggest impact. We essentially saw a gap in the creative industry that we believed we could fill.

Liverpool at the time was going through a huge shift in terms of perception. It was announced as the 2008 Capital of Culture, not long after we moved, and the buzz and positivity was infectious. Liverpool became synonymous with change and progression, which was great for us, as it made Liquid a lot easier to sell to anyone outside of the city.

Joining Liverpool in London was an obvious choice for us, as a lot of our clients were, and are still, based in the South. It’s a service, which acts as a great stepping-stone back to London and allows us the opportunity to meet and build relationships with key businesses in the capital. It’s also allows us to build a serious offering for our clients, thanks to the networking opportunities and office facilities.

Our client base has massively progressed in the past few years, but we still work with a raft of household names, which are based in the South. Key clients in London, including Levis and Ariston, aren’t deterred by our Liverpool base.

We’ve been in Liverpool for eleven years now, and I can honestly say, our location has never held us back. If anything, I believe it gives us a great, competitive edge. We’re based in the heart of a city centre that’s filled with culture and diversity; there’s always something to be inspired by.

For me, Liverpool in London is not simply a service which gives me access to potential clients and a presence in the capital. It’s a great business tool and has benefited Liquid in a range of ways since we joined. I’ve made strong connections with a host of other businesses, some of which have become intrinsic to Liquid. In one of my first networking sessions, I connected with Morecrofts Solicitors, who now look after all HR enquiries and processes for Liquid, including our recent health and safety procedures overhaul.

Steve McGauley
Executive Creative Director